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Friday, December 08, 2006

Professional Maps Feedback

Thanks to everyone for providing all the feedback on the professional maps. Two things have become clear from the feedback:
  1. My concerns about marker limits were more or less unwarranted. Most of the professional maps are not adding hundreds of markers to the map. I created the 50 marker limit to discourage this behavior, but it looks like it was not necessary.
  2. People want flexible bulk packages (10 maps, 20 maps, etc).
So I've removed the marker limit on the maps. It is now just $9.95 per map per month. This will take effect on all existing accounts right away.

I am also looking into creating different packages for those who want more than one professional map. If you are interested in a bulk package please email us at and let us know what size package you are interested in. We may be able to set you up right away.


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