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Monday, November 27, 2006

New Commercial Maps for Professional Use

I've just released the commercial map functionality. It allows you to easily remove the ads from your map for professional use. The easiest way to take advantage of this is to:

  1. Create a map. It is usually best to get the map as close to completion as possible, but you can continue to edit your map after you've removed the ads.
  2. Click "Remove Ads" under the "Edit Settings" tab or from your "My Maps" page.
  3. Enter in your credit card information.
  4. Presto, the ads are removed from your map.
  5. You will be charged the next day for your map and on that day each month going forward.
  6. You can cancel at any time.
I am also looking into package deals for unlimited maps and unlimited markers. If you are interested in this please contact me at

Read more about professional maps!

Check out a sample professional map.

CommunityWalk Map - Hotel San RĂ©gis and surroundings



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