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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Quick Edit Mode and Caching

I am working hard to try and get CommunityWalk performing as quickly as possible. In the past week I've done a few things along these lines:

1) Made the queries on the explore page faster. The performance still is not fantastic on the explore page, but it should be much better now.

2) Cached external views. This should make looking at your map via another website or a blog using one of the code snippets faster. You won't see the difference the first time you look at the map, but subsequent times should be considerably faster.

3) Quick Edit Mode. This was in the application a while ago. I pulled it out because I thought it would not be necessary any more. but it looks like it still is. This setting is under the "Map Settings" tab on the map page. It lets you turn off "Full Refresh Mode" so that changes you make to the map will not make all of the panels on the left side of the page refresh. For larger maps this can make the process of editing a map much more efficient.

There is still a lot more to come. Performance is consistently one of my highest priorities. Unfortunately it is a bit difficult to keep up with given the growth of the site. Thanks to everyone for sticking around during some of the rougher patches during the recent growth spurt :)



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