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Friday, September 08, 2006

Server Outage

This morning CommunityWalk experienced a server outage from 4 AM PST until 8 AM PST. Over the past few months CommunityWalk has seen a significant increase in traffic such that the current infrastructure is quickly becoming incapable of handling it. Today's outage was the result of this problem. Fortunately I recognized this problem a month ago and began setting up a new infrastructure to handle the increased load. Unfortunately, there have been some problems getting the proper equipment and setting it up, such that CommunityWalk has still not been switched over.

I apologize to anyone who experienced the outage. I realize that it is tremendously annoying. I promise that getting CommunityWalk up and running on the more robust infrastructure (which should handle CommunityWalk's growth for a long time), is the absolute highest priority right now. I fully expect to have it up and running by early next week.

Again sorry about the inconvenience.

- Jared


  • No problems Jared. You have a great service. We do not expect everything to be perfect.

    By Blogger -, at 9:46 AM  

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