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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Frustrating Experiences

Every now and again I go on to CommunityWalk and have a poor experience, making me realize how much more work I need to do. Today I was trying to create a map of my Sunday walk around San Francisco using IE and there were a bunch of problems. I've managed to clean up most of the issues now, but I can only imagine how many people have had similar frustrating experiences.

So I want to thank everyone who has been sticking with me through out this. I am absolutely dedicated to making CommunityWalk the best product available for building interactive maps. I am going to keep it simple and make it perform as well as physically possible. I am going to build a team around it and really nail it down. So stay tuned!

[Update] I've been doing some more testing and have found a few other issues with the paths functionality. I will be addressing these as soon as I can. If anyone finds issues please let me know. It is a huge help.



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