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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

CommunityWalk is Broken on Safari Again

So when I quit my job to focus on CommunityWalk more I had to give back the iBook I was using to test CommunityWalk on Safari. Of course, no sooner do I give it back then I introduce a bug into the javascript that now prevents maps from loading on Safari. I didn't realize this until last night when I was poking around an Apple store and tried to go to CommunityWalk on one of the iBooks in the store and realized that it was not loading properly.

So as soon as I can get my hands no another mac I will fix this problem. If anyone who has a mac can provide me any information about what the error is it would be most appreciated.

I am planning on getting myself an iBook very soon as well so that I have a permanent testing ground.

Sorry about the inconvenience in the meantime.


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