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Monday, November 21, 2005

By Popular Demand - Quick Edit Mode

I've received a number of enhancement requests from people, but probably the most frequent and vocal request was for a way to speed up the process of adding and editing information on a map with a large number of locations.

Well I have finally been able to get something in place to alleviate this pain. When you are editing your map you can now put the application in to Quick Edit Mode. You'll see a link for this just below the CommunityWalk header down in the Message Center (the area that glows yellow when a new message comes in).

To put the application in Quick Edit Mode click "Switch" where it says "Full Refresh Mode". In Quick Edit Mode the application will not refresh all the locations and tabs whenever a change is made to a location. This means that the tabs and the locations will get out of sync, so you'll need to click "Refresh" to sync everything up. This will speed things up considerably when you are making changes to a map, especially on maps that contain a large number of locations.

Hope y'all like it :)


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