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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Safari Support, Downtimes, and Canadian Addresses

So today's been a bit hectic. There was a period of about an hour or so where CommunityWalk was down. I finally got through to my hosting provider and they got it back up and running. I am going to work very hard to make sure outages do not happen. It is a very high priority.

In other news I am very close to fixing the bug that causes Safari to crash, I just need to test it a bit and make sure I didn't break anything else. It looks good though. The fix doesn't address all of the Safari issues, but it does stop it from crashing. I'll be looking to fix the other issues asap.

Also Yahoo just released a way to geocode Canadian addresses (and probably US addresses more accurately than I am able to currently do on CommunityWalk), so I'll be working hard to utilize this free service to make the Add Marker by Address functionality more powerful.

More to come on all of this soon!


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