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Thursday, August 17, 2006

An Excellent Map Of NYC

The New York Minute Show map has been around for a while. In fact it recently made it to the first page of the most popular maps on CommunityWalk, so it doesn't really need any attention from this blog. Still it is an excellently done map, rich with photos, videos, audio tours. It is well categorized, making it easy to find specific types of things, so if I want to see just the museums in New York City I just click the "Museums" link in the legend and presto everything else disappears.

All in all it is just a very well done map that deserves some attention. Check it out by clicking the title at the bottom on the mini-map below:

CommunityWalk Map - New York Minute Show

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Beautiful Lake Como

In my humble opinion, Lake Como is one of the most stunning places in the world. Of course I am part Italian and studied for a semester in Milan, so I am a little biased. Still it is worth checking out if you are ever in Italy. If you can't get to Italy, though, then you can check out this great map of the area!

Here's a smaller version of the map. I highly recommend clicking through to the larger version to see all of the great photos of the region.

CommunityWalk Map - Lake Como

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Paths in Your Blog

With all of the functionality that I want to build into CommunityWalk it has been very difficult to prioritize and sometimes simple, obvious things fall through the cracks. Luckily there is a great community out there that helps me find these things.

As was the case with paths showing up on the blog code snippets. I released the pathing functionality with every intention of getting that done sooner rather than later, but things came up and this obvious functionality fell through the cracks. Well, thanks to a few emails from people in the community I realized the mistake and was able to sit down yesterday and crank through it. So now paths show up in the "simple" maps for blogs.

CommunityWalk Map - A Saturday Afternoon Walk Around San Francisco