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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Polygons and Categories for Paths

We've been getting requests for the ability to create polygons on a map for sometime now and we were finally able to find the time to complete these requests.

So you can now create polygons on your map. Check out the example below. Just create a path and then click "Options" to find a "Is a Polygon" check box. Check that and you'll immediately see your path transformed into a polygon. It's pretty cool!

Just as we were about to release this we got a request for categories on paths, so we decided to slip that in as well. Now you can categorize paths to let people know what kind of path it is or, for that matter, what kind of polygon it is!

CommunityWalk Map - Playing With Polygons

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Running Smoothly

After some growth pains earlier in the year, we've managed to make enough improvements to stabilize the site. It's been running smoothly for about a month now with no hiccups. Now we can get back to working on a few enhancements for the site.

First up, "Search Nearby". It will allow you to search near any marker on a map to get driving directions to and from a location that was not placed on the map by the map creator.