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Friday, August 22, 2008

CommunityWalk on the IPhone

I will be attending the Outside Lands concert this weekend. For those who haven't heard of it, it's a huge concert in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco featuring bands like Radio Head, Beck, Ben Harper, Wide Spread Panic, Drive By Truckers, and dozens others.

I also recently got a 3G IPhone with GPS so I've been looking for an easy way to take advantage of CommunityWalk with the IPhone to give me a custom map to find my way between stages at the concert.

So I created a map of the different stages:

and I figured out a way to get this to show up in the Google Maps application on the IPhone so that I can take advantage of the GPS.

If you click the link below on an IPhone then the Google Maps App will open up and the search box will be prefilled with this:


If you insert a colon after the "http" and hit search then the map will load will all of the correct markers. For some reason if you include the colon in the original url then it doesn't open the Google Maps App correctly...

Here's the link:

So just click the link and then add a colon after the "http" and hit search.