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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Huge Maps

As I had feared, as soon as I released the bulk importer people used it to import enormous amounts of data. This was the primary reason why I was holding off on building this feature. The problem is that most browsers can not handle more than a few hundred markers before they really start to crawl or even crash.

So I've built in a 500 marker limitation into the bulk importer for the time being. I do want to solve the performance issues, but they are very technically challenging.

If you do have a large map you should definitely change the icon type to use unmarked icons. This will speed up the map significantly. I am actually in the process of making it so that the system automatically makes this change if a map has more than 100 markers. You can make this change yourself by logging in and clicking "Edit Settings" for any given map. The specific settings is under the icons type section.


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