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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ghost Markers

A couple of weeks ago I put in place a performance enhancement that made is so that only markers that were in the current viewable area of the map were placed on the map. This meant that if you were zoomed in you would not have to deal with the performance degradation that comes with having a large number of markers on the map.

Unfortunately there was a side effect. If you moved around enough, zoomed in and out, and switched tabs you could find yourself in a situation with ghost markers. These markers would just hang out on the map, not attached to anything, not clickable, and not removable.

So I've pulled back that enhancement and brought it in for another round of testing. I realize that there are some maps out there that are getting very large, and getting those maps to perform well is currently the highest priority. Hopefully we'll have a more stable performance enhancement ready soon.


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