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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Performance Enhancements

I've just released some performance enhancements I've been working on for a few days now. There are two significant enhancements:

1) Only markers that are in the viewable area are placed on the map. This won't help much if you are zoomed out all the way on the map, but will significantly boost the performance of the map if you are zoomed in on an area so that fewer markers are displayed.

2) The main description infowindow pop-up for each location is now generated on the fly without sending another request back to the CommunityWalk servers. This means that the window displays instantaneously. We will also be working to make the other infowindow pop-ups (photos, directions, comments, etc) work like this as well.

Like most performance enhancements these required that I change a lot of the existing code, so the chance for bugs is significant. Please report bugs if you find them. I fix bugs as soon as I find them, so if you find a bug it probably means that I do not know about it and would be very grateful for the help!


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