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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Working On The Release

We are in the process of releasing the latest enhancements to CommunityWalk. There might be a little downtime as we try and figure out some problems that are occurring with the deployment.

Also, unfortunately, we lost about 20 minutes worth of data from when we began the process to when the problem occurred. I apologize tremendously to anyone who was inconvenienced by this. It will not happen again.


We've got the system stabilized. Unfortunately the data loss is a reality. It looks like if you were working on the system between 4:10 PM and 4:35 PM PST then your work was compromised during the release. Anything done before 4:10 PM or after 4:35 PM PST should be fine. Again I apologize tremendously for any inconvenience this caused anyone.


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