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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Including Media In Your Map

As I was surfing around the site today I noticed a few maps that I thought I would point out because they each made good use of the special window function. This lets you include media that is stored elsewhere on the Internet directly in your map.

1) College A Capella

This one only has three locations on it, but they've made great use of the window special function to include audio files that can be played directly on the map. It's very cool.

2) Waikiki, Hawaii USA Attractions

This map has a few locations that use the window function to display Google Video pages on the map. You need to click the "video" link and then enlarge the viewer (click the "Enlarge" link after clicking the "video" link) to see the whole video.

You can find a brief tutorial on using the window function on the CommunityWalk Tutorials Page. The tutorial for the window function is at the bottom of the page.

I plan on making the support for other types of media better as well. At the very least I want to add in support for embedded media like flash so that people can include videos from websites like YouTube in your map as well. This would make it so that you could display the Google Video more clearly on the Waikiki map.


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