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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's Your Map!

For some time now I have received fairly consistent requests from people who want more control over the descriptions on their map. They want to embed videos, show images, etc. Then, today, I read a review of CommunityWalk on LifeHacker that also made a point to say how unfortunate it was that users could not display videos on their maps.

Well that was the last straw. After much thought I decided to throw caution to the wind and open up the descriptions on all locations and the maps to whatever valid html (excluding javascript) that you want to display. I've also created another special function that lets you display embedded media alone in an infowindow.

Check out an example of this on my Guanajuato Mexico Vacation map:

I'll work on a tutorial for this, but in general any html goes. You should be warned as if you get too funky you run the risk of having it display incorrectly on a different browser, so be careful. The special functions are still the best way to go to ensure that you're content looks good across browsers. Here is what I did in the Mexico Map:

I basically used the media special function to wrap an image in a link to the larger media file, which is a flash file from YouTube. The image and the flash file are wrapped in single quotes. I realize that this is a little complicated so you might want to stick to basic html until I can put together the tutorial.


  • It looks like there are still some issues with this functionality and that it is not displaying correctly on Macs. I am working on cleaning it up now.

    Also if you have any problems with the new description functionality do not hesitate to contact me. It is likely that there are some bugs in there as well.

    By Anonymous Jared, at 9:15 AM  

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