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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Goal to Give Back

Many people don't realize that there is only one person behind CommunityWalk and Wedding Mapper. I do all the development, support, maintenance, etc. I've had help along the way from consultants and designers, but for a while now I've been handling everything myself.

This is not an easy job, and with CommunityWalk's growth it has been difficult for me to stay ahead of the scalability curve. So I have been unable to fulfill one of my goals with CommunityWalk: to open CommunityWalk up to educators and non-profits for free, professional use (without ads).

So I want to make this goal public. As soon as I can stabilize the site, making it easily scalable, and as soon as I can afford to hire some help to deal with support and further development of the site then I will open it up for educators and non-profits for free use.

So please help me get the site to this point. Spread the word about CommunityWalk to realtors, local business bureaus, etc. that will be able to make use of the professional version of the site. And please tell everyone you know that is getting married about Wedding Mapper!


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