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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Design Help

I have decided to look for some design help for CommunityWalk. If anyone knows a good designer that can communicate well, has a great sense of design, is technically competent, and would be interested in this project please let me know.

I am beginning to think about the challenges surrounding the user's experience trying to find a community. Right now it is not easy for someone to find a recently updated community, a community that is located in a geographic area, a community that is about a specific subject, a community that has a certain number of locations, that is popular, etc.

As CommunityWalk grows this is going to become increasingly important so I want to get on it now. If done well then CommunityWalk will become a very quality product for people that want to find out information about an area they are traveling to, moving to, or just want to explore. It will allow people to better plan trips, locate people and things, highlight their organizations that are spread out across the world, etc. It will also be a great tool for learning about and exploring the world around us from the ground level, from the perspectives of people that live locally. The possibilities are endless, but will be worthless unless I can put together a good design for finding the community you want when you want it.

This is a significant creative challenge that I have been wrestling with for some time, so if someone knows someone that would be up for the challenge please let me know. It would be a bonus if he or she was good with ruby on rails and javascript.


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