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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Some Planned Enhancements

- Flickr Integration (Enter username or email and date range) and just select your pics. It will automatically generate a link to your Flickr page.

- Adjust the style on the photos to eliminate white space on smaller photos.

- Allow users to view photos in a smaller size so that the whole infowindow fits on a smaller screen. This would be a link that toggles between the current photo infowindow and the smaller one.

- Allow users to show flash and quicktime in the photo infowindow. (Inspired by the London Panoramics)

- New advertising scheme. I would love to allow people to place advertisements on their own communities. Would this interest anyone.

- New Tab called "Recent" that will show all locations in the order they were added/modified. This is good for evolving communities such as the MMPG Community.

- Many more tutorials

- Much more...

Please let me know if you have suggestions.


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