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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Slightly Improved Printing

We've finally gotten around to fixing a bug with printing maps where the list of locations in the print out was out of order. We've finally fixed it and made it so that they will adjust their order if you have multiple tabs selected in the map.


  • Hey jared i just left a message for you on a google thread, but wanted to ask you for some help - i am having trouble starting a path on one of my maps and am striking out on finding out why - can you help? my email is, let me know if you have a minute...thanks! here is what i wrote on the other blog:

    hey Jared, quick question - i am trying to start a new path and when i click start path i get NOTHING in response. it says "done" in the bottom left corner and if i hold the cursor down on start part it says javascript void:(0)

    the map title is Catalyst Road Trip - Where To Next? i have created several paths before but am running into a wall with this one...any help???

    By Blogger LV Hanson, at 8:04 AM  

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