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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Trial Account And So Much More!

I just added a trial account to CommunityWalk so that people can try it out before signing up. I'm hoping that this, along with the Random Sample Community and Random Public Commmunity links and the tutorials will give people ample opportunity to see what CommunityWalk is all about before signing up. Once they've seen what it can do, of course, they will decide to sign up :)

I also put the a byline below the CommunityWalk header on the home page reading, "The fastest and easiest way to create your own Google Map with photos, directions, commenting, and so much more!". Hopefully this will also encourage people to give it a try. I am usually against such blatant statements, but I truly believe that CommunityWalk makes the process of creating your own GoogleMap with photos, comments, directions, etc. very quick and easy and I want people to give it a try so that they can see how easy it is. I personally actually find it quite fun and even addicting...


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